Money Envelope Template


Sometimes, the best and easiest gift to give is money. This conclusion is usually reached with the hardest to shop for recipients who seemingly have everything on the gift giving list. However, just because money is the easiest gift to give, does not mean that it should be the most boring gift. The use of money envelope template can make giving money a pleasant surprise instead.

How to Use the Money Envelope Template

  • First, download the money envelope template and address the envelope. Doing so makes it easy keep giving cash. Repeat for each person for whom money makes the most sense on your regular gift giving list.
  • Second, personalize the template by changing out the clip art and changing the font. Personalizing the template can help the gift stand out. It does this by changing the mood to either a more formal or a more fun route.
  • Third, print out the result onto heavier, yet nicer paper like card-making white paper. Do this so the envelope will last long enough to carry the gift. Cut out the design. Fold it on the dotted lines. The money envelope is now ready for use.

Tips on Using the Money Envelope Template

  • In addition to making templates for regular recipients, make a money envelope template for each of your normal gift giving occasions such as Christmas, birthdays, weddings and graduations. Remember to add an appropriate saying for each of the occasions.
  • Be sure to file each of your easily made, personalized templates according to an appropriate system. For example, your regular recipients should be filed in one folder and your regular occasions in another.
  • Remember to be like Santa. Check your list twice to make sure that you have a gift for everyone on your list, whether they are receiving money or not.

Giving friends and family money does not have to be a drag. Each gift can be given with pizazz. Using personalized money envelopes help to add the pizazz to simple gifts. Personalizing the money envelopes is simplified through the use of a free money envelope template.

Download: Money Envelope Template