Modern Resume Template

Modern Resume Template

Modern Resume Template

Modern, sleek, and cool, the free Modern Resume Template is a resume template that you can use to blow employers out of the water. This free document is a great visual canvas to show your strengths for future employers and show them what you’re capable of accomplishing. Unlike most resumes that are bulky and boring, this template uses the space to convey both your experiences and your personality. If you’re ready to break the mold this year, you can download this free template right away and get back on track to your ideal career.

Using the Modern Resume Template

Downloading the template is a breeze. All you need to do is click the link we have conveniently provided for you at the bottom of the page.

You can start by entering your name at the very top of the page. Now, take the time to list the skills that you want to highlight to your next employer. Maybe you’re a master of everything Adobe or maybe you want to show off your photography skills. The “Skills” section is your space to shine.

Next, go to the “Experience” section and list your past 3 or 4 places of employ. The template allows you to include a space to enter your title, the company, and dates of employ. You will also summarize your job description for that company in this section as well.

Below the “Experience” section is the “Education” section. You will list your degree and any other honors you’d like to mention.

In the next column over you can include a personalized objective. Make your goals for the future clear.

The middle section with cool icons is for your various contact information. Just enter the URL or number you can be reached at.

The final “Volunteer Experience or Leadership” area is a small text box where you can list personal experiences that show you are qualified for the position at hand.

Download: Modern Resume Template

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