Microsoft Word Memo Template


Screenshot of the microsoft word memo template.

The Microsoft Word Memo Template is a very useful tool to have saved to your desktop for day to day operations. Downloading the Microsoft Word Memo Template is quick and easy. It is completely free and very easy to use. The memo is customizable to your own use and requirements.

Using the Microsoft Word Memo Template

You will want to save the Microsoft Word Memo Template to your desktop for quick and easy memos. Simply open the document when you receive a phone call, and you can type information directly into the memo.

During your busy day you might be receiving emails with important changes that your employees may need to know. You can quickly type or paste the information into the memo. Print the memo quickly and post in the breakroom or deliver copies to each employee or department.

In our busy schedules sometimes we hear employees complain that they never got the phone call or email. If you post a memo, and ask everyone to sign that they have read and understand the memo, then you have documented proof that the information was delivered to everyone who signed in a timely manner.

The Microsoft Word Memo Template has fields for entering to, from, CC and date. You can also add the topic of the memo under the re: field. Showing who and when you sent the memo to is excellent documentation tool for a busy office. Relying on memory regarding when you notified employees of important changes is no longer adequate in the corporate world.

For documented proof that employees have read posted memos you can add fields to the fully customizable template. At the end of the memo, you could simply add fields for date and name for each employee who will need to sign.

If you prefer to email the memo, you could easily attach the saved document to an email or copy and paste the body of the memo into an email.

For the well-organized office computer, a folder of memos saved by subfolders of topics will be an excellent resource for tracking events and employee compliance. You will find yourself better organized and well prepared to show proof of dated communications within your company. Download and use the Microsoft Word Memo Template today. It will be an excellent tool in your busy office environment.

Download: Microsoft Word Memo Template