Microsoft Inventory Template


Free Microsoft Inventory Template

Whether you work for a company from home or own your own business, keeping accurate thorough records is an essential part of operating any successful venture. This Microsoft inventory template makes keeping up with all of your products and services easy and stress-free. Keep reading to learn more about this Microsoft inventory template.

How to Use this Free Microsoft Inventory Template

  • First, fill in business information such as name, address, phone number, e-mail and slogan. Consider Including the company’s logo though be sure it is permitted if you are not the owner.
  • Create the required fields. This will include but is certainly not limited to product/service name, description, quantity and in stock. Don’t forget information about the status of outstanding orders and fields for outstanding balances.
  • Set up fields for client-specific orders. This can include special discounts, specific quantities and extra products sold.
  • Keep track of which products and services sell well. This will allow you to offer specific discounts and even seasonal specials. It might even generate ideas for whole new company inventions.
  • Customize the look and design. You have unlimited options, so be creative.

Tips for Using the Microsoft Inventory Template

  • Make your first impression count by adding a personalized message to all clients. A little courtesy goes a long way toward excellent customer service.
  • Add notes pointing out sales on products or services that sell well within specific zip codes. Use previous inventory lists and bills of sale to get this information.
  • Be sure to print and securely back up this Microsoft inventory template in a cloud service such as GoogleDocs or Icloud. Government officials require copies of your inventory and losing electronic copies would create lots of unneeded stress. It could also result in less productivity and even losing current as well as prospective clients.

All home-based businesses, companies, and independent sales representatives have to do paper work. This can be a stressful, trying experience. Using this Microsoft inventory template can make it creative and fun. Spend just a little of your time downloading it and get all of your business needs met today.

Download: Microsoft Inventory Template