Medication Schedule Template


New medications come out every year to treat a wide variety of conditions. Every year more people experience a medical condition, particularly chronic health conditions. Commonly, a doctor will then prescribe a medication to assist in treating the condition. Often, this new medication is one of many treatments prescribed to an individual. It can then become difficult to keep track of what medications you have taken and what you have not, and how often they have been prescribed to be taken. A medication schedule will be helpful to keep track of those important details. A medication schedule template can be used to create the schedule.

How to Use the Medication Schedule Template

  • First, gather your prescriptions and any multivitamins you may be taking. Enter each medication and supplement you are taking into the medication schedule template using the medication setup sheet. Be sure to include frequency and dose.
  • Second, go to the schedule sheet and check that it is accurate. Note what the bottles say in conjunction with dosing is what the schedule indicates. Repeat step one if they do not match.
  • Third, enter each dose as you take it into the template’s medication data entry sheet. Use this sheet to verify that you are indeed following doctor’s orders.

Tips for Using the Medication Schedule Template

  • First, once the schedule has been checked for accuracy, remember to print off the schedule. The schedule should be placed in a prominent position so that it can be followed.
  • Second, remember to keep the schedule up to date. When you change supplements either add or subtract from the schedule, adjust the template according. Remember to do the same for the prescriptions the doctor issues.
  • Third, remember to review the medication entry log from time to time. Be sure to note start and end of prescriptions there. Be sure to note what if any refills are authorized for the drugs as well.

As more prescriptions are developed for long term conditions, chances increase one will be prescribed a medication or two. To keep track of these medications, one needs to set a schedule to take them. The use of the free, downloadable medication schedule template can make the tracking of your medications an easier task.

Download: Medication Schedule Template