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Having to take multiple medications a year is troublesome for most. It’s important to know what prescriptions you are on when going to a hospital, seeing a new doctor or in case an emergency happens at home. The best thing to do is have as much information in one place for your medications that make it easy for someone to relay your prescription information to medical personnel. This Medication Log Template can also serve handy to yourself should you forget what a prescription is for.

How to Use the Medication Log Template

The free Medication Log Template is very easy to use. This is perfect to print out and keep on a refrigerator for senior care needs. You will download this customizable spreadsheet in Excel and complete it. Then print it out.

  • The first thing to do on this spreadsheet is to input the Name of the person you are logging medications for and the Date.
  • Start by inputting the Medication’s name, the date started and stopped. If they are still taking the meds or using the entire year, input a slash in pencil so not to be confused. This makes a good indication they are still using it. If they do need to stop, erase and input the date.
  • You can abbreviate the Dosage and Dosage Times for formatting purposes as long as a person can recognize it. For example, 1P / 3H would indicate 1 pill every 3 hours.
  • An example for special instructions would be “Take with food”.
  • Purpose is why the medication is being taken, Heart, Blood P, Cramps
  • Size, Shape, and Color can be abbreviated as: S, M, and L for small, medium and large. Shape could be O, R, S, for oval round, square. Colors P for purple, W for white, etc.
  • Make sure to input the Prescribing Physician and their number. This is handy to have in case the prescription has run out.
  • It’s very important to note any side effects.
  • Finally, input the refill number and pharmacy phone number.

Tips for Using the Medication Log Template

  • If you are a very technical person, you can take pictures of the pills or the entire prescription bottle. Once you’ve done that, save it in a file and hyperlink it to the spreadsheet.
  • For further reference information, hyperlink the name of the medication to a medical website.

The Medication Log Template found here makes prescription management easy.

Download: Medication Log Template