Medical Bill Template


This medical bill template can be used for inputting personalized information to send out bills to patients while showing them and others what is left to be paid on the medical bill. It also shows how much has been paid by the patient and allows organization and easy of use. There is more information listed here on how to easily use the free template while customizing it to the patient and practice’s specific needs.

How to Use Our Medical Bill Template

Recently, it has become harder to find free templates on the internet for medical bill input and other important documents. We offer this medical bill template 100% free for you to use right here on our website. The template is completely customizable to input patient information and billing specifics. It is also able to be changed around, deleting rows and columns that are not needed or adding ones that are. Headings of the document are also able to be changed.

While some of these ideas may seem intimidating to the novice spreadsheet user, the template is very easy to use even for the person with basic knowledge of spreadsheet programs.

Gathering all patient payment and billing information is the most important step of using this template. In order to enter it into the tracker, it must be readily available and easy to read and understand. Doing this will avoid many mistakes and errors that could be made entering data in. Once this information has been obtained, it should be sorted by patient then by charges added, payments made out of pocket and insurance payments.

Enter in the patient’s name and other information and the original balance on the account. Enter in every other charge that has been added to the account. After these have been added, the medical bill template will show a balance that the patient owes on the account. This is when any payment, insurance or otherwise, should be entered into the template. Once all of the payments have been entered into the template, the balance showing is the actual balance owed by the patient. Check the balance on the medical bill template to make sure it matches the balance on a hard copy of the medical bill records.

This template is very easy to use and is free to anyone who is visiting this site. It is a great tool for anyone who is in the medical field.

Download: Medical Bill Template