May Calendar


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The month of May can be a busy one, both on a personal and business level. From Cinco de Mayo right through Memorial Day, it can be difficult to keep track of events, holidays, deadlines and obligations. Traditional paper calendars cannot be re-used, are often not customizable, and are not portable. Using a free, downloadable May calendar template in Microsoft Excel can ensure that you don’t miss a thing, with all your scheduling information for May right at your fingertips.

Some May calendar templates are expensive and difficult to customize, but our Microsoft Excel template is free, very customizable, and easy-to-use. It can be downloaded here and can be used right away.

Tips for Using the May Calendar Excel Template

  • First, download the Excel May calendar template. Downloaded files are often placed in a temporary folder. You might want to save it to your desktop or to a different folder so that it is easy to locate when you want to use it within Excel.
  • Open Microsoft Excel and begin customizing and entering information in your calendar template. This template can be set to any year, so it can be re-used well past 2013. It can also be customized to have each week start on either Sunday or Monday. Choose the customizations that work best for you.
  • Go through your personal notes, your business notes and your paper calendar to gather all the events and obligations you need to input into your May Calendar. The beauty of this template is the ability to consolidate all of your scheduling information in one place.
  • Don’t forget about family birthdays, anniversaries and holidays such as Memorial Day. Church, community, and school events for you and your family members might also be entered into the calendar.
  • Like any page in Excel, this calendar can be printed for your convenience. Copies can be printed for each member of your family.
  • When using Excel or any other software, be sure to save your work!

Download this Excel calendar template now, and start organizing your business and personal life today!

Download: May Calendar Template