Math Maze Games


If you are a teacher of young children and need an educational game for your children, try out these math maze games. They are easy to use and can quickly be the answer you are looking for. Here is a simple guide explaining how to use this template and a couple tips to get some more use out of it.

How to Use the Math Maze Games

When you open up the downloaded file provided here, software compatible with the Microsoft 2003 file format will show you the basis of our math maze games. The maze is set up in a five by five array with a different number in each. You have a starting point at the number three. The child must find there way through the maze by finding multiples of three. They are instructed to circle the numbers that are divisible by three and mark an x on the numbers that are not. They work there way to the finish line following the circled numbers. You can print this game out the way it is or you can read the following about how to make it your own.

Tips for Using the Math Maze Games Template

You can make the numbers different to make the maze harder. Make sure you do your math right when you change them though. You could even change the rules of the game to accommodate other numbers or other math signs like addition, subtraction, multiplication, or even something as simple as odd and even. Another adjustment you could make to the game is changing the numbers to letter. Start at A and go the whole way through the alphabet to Z, which will take the place of the finish. Make sure to change the directions and the name of the game if you do that. Use it any way you want it to keep your students occupied, entertained, and most importantly, educated.

This math maze games template is so easy to use and completely free to download from this website. You will have them done in no time and on the desks of your young little math students. Enjoy the download, and share it with your fellow teachers.

Download: Math Maze Games