Marketing Plan Presentation Template


Screenshot of the Marketing Plan Presentation Template

You’re an excellent marketing strategist, but are you marketing yourself effectively? When you meet with a client to pitch your marketing plan, does your presentation match the look of a compelling advertising plan? We have an effective solution to help you turn your leads into sales. With the help of this marketing plan presentation template, you’ll captivate your audience and sell your marketing services with ease.

Increase Sales with a Marketing Plan Presentation Template

The first step in selling your marketing services is marketing yourself appropriately. Our marketing plan presentation template showcases your strategy in a clean, highly designed, no-nonsense style. It’s fully customizable and available on this page absolutely free. Download this great, user-friendly template today and begin customizing it to fit your brand.

Tip and Tricks for Impressive Presentation

  • This template represents a comprehensive approach, taking into account metrics and timely deliverables to put your customer at ease
  • This template works completely out-of-the-box with minimal editing. Simply fill in the points on each slide and you’ll be ready to go.
  • Remember to use your presentation as a “spring board” for your thoughts, rather than write every point into each slide.
  • Research not only the company that you’re pitching to, but their local and international competitors as well – knowing their strategy will impress your potential clients.
  • If you plan on addressing other market strategies, simply make a copy of one of the pages and edit as needed.
  • Edit the colors as needed to suit your own brand identity.

Developed by Professionals, for Professionals

The marketing plan presentation template has been developed as a result of years of industry experience by top advertising executives. The presentation prompts are to the point, and aim to deliver a clear message to a goal-oriented brand that wants to see results.

Many beginners include too many bells and whistles, such as moving graphics or audio effects, which detract from the message. This marketing plan presentation template is designed to get you the results you want, and captivate your audience every step of the way.

Download: Marketing Plan Presentation Template