Mailing Label Template


Screenshot of the Mailing Label Template

Whether you need to create 25 mailing labels, or 2500, you can use the mailing label template to create attractive, professional looking mailing labels for your personal or professional use. There are many templates available, and this one is one of the best available.

It’s easy to access and use this mailing label template to create your own unique mailing labels. In addition to mailing labels, you can use this template to make labels for any purpose you need. It will be easy to use and tailor to your individual needs.

On this page, you can download the mailing label template that you can use to create mailing labels for a variety of purposes. You will need to click download, and then depending upon your browser, it will either automatically open or you’ll need to click to open the document.

The mailing label template is free to download and free to use. You’ll find it extremely easy to create your labels; you just enter your data on the lines where required. Once you’ve entered your information, you can edit the labels as needed. You can make the lines conform to USPS mailing standard so they’ll fly easily through the sorting machines, or you can re-size the addressee line to make it stand out.

Tips on Using the Mailing Label Template

You can use either the search and replace function to insert your information, or you can click through and delete the data in all the individual fields. Either way, you can then enter your data to create the mailing labels you need.

Once you’ve entered all the data, you can then edit and customize the fields to appear whatever way you want. You can enlarge the text to make it all as large as possible, or enlarge only certain areas.

When you’ve created and printed your labels, you can save them with a unique document name, so that you can come back and re-use them as needed.

You are sure to have success using this mailing label template to create mailing labels for mailings, presentations, and whatever other purposes for which you need them. Please enjoy using this template through this free download.

Download: Mailing Label Template