Life Cycle Chart


The Life Cycle Chart is used to lay out different cycles of almost anything that comes to mind. This chart can be used in a classroom setting, where students can arrange the cycles of many things. One good example is that of the biological life cycle. The chart can be used in both a classroom and setting.

How to Use a Life Cycle Chart

  • It is important to arrange the life cycle you choose in its proper order. When you open up the Word document, you will notice the boxes and arrows pointing in a circle in the Life Cycle Chart. The boxes are customizable. You can add your name on the box that reads “Life Cycle Of:”
  • On the five boxes that are place like a circle, you want to type in the sequence of the changes of a living creature from birth to death. On the top box chart the birth of the living creature. You then want chart the cycle of that creature, till you get to the end of its cycle. The customizable Life Cycle Chart can be downloaded here for free.

Tips On How To Best Utilize the Life Cycle Chart

  • The first thing you want to do is add your name on the box in the middle. This is to identify that you are the one creating this particular project.
  • The second thing you want to do is type in on each box a chosen life cycle. A good example of a life cycle to add in is that of a caterpillar.
  • The first stage of the caterpillars cycle should be typed on the top of the box which is the birth. On the second box to the right you want to type the next stage which is when it grows into a larva. On the next stage, you will want to type in the caterpillar forming into a pupa. The fourth cycle you type in when the caterpillar turns into a butterfly. On the last box the death of the butterfly is typed in.

The Life Cycle Chart is useful in a classroom setting to teach students how life works. You may also choose the life cycle of almost anything and the cycle of that topic will help students learn.

Download: Life Cycle Chart