Letter of Complaint Template


Free Letter of Complaint Template

Ever heard of a Letter of Complaint Template? Nowadays a template is available for commonly performed tasks and are useful in simplifying tasks and speeding up routine functions. A Letter of Complaint Template contains placeholder text that gives the user a springboard when words are difficult to find and time is of the utmost importance.

How to Use a Letter of Complaint Template

  • Click on the placeholder text and fill in with information that is pertinent to the Company, e ..g. name, address and the date.
  • Click on the placeholder text in the Recipient field and do the same. The template has generic language that forms the basis for making a complaint.
  • Read through and add and delete text as needed. For example, the portion of the text that has the following words,‘ when your mechanic is called, he rarely arrives on time’, may need to be edited to fit the nature of the particular complaint.
  • Click on the placeholder text at the end and place the name and title of the sender.

Tips for Using a Letter of Complaint Template

  • First, download the Letter of Complaint Template by clicking Download Now tab.
  • Second, in the File Download dialog box, click Save.
  • Third, select the location where the file will be saved to, e. g., desktop or documents folder, where the compressed file is to go and click, Save.
  • Fourth, to extract files, double click the template file, select the location where the file will go and click, Extract. Alternatively, the downloaded file can also be extracted by using a decompression program such as WinZip to unzip it. Once it has been unzipped, double click the template file and select the location where the file is to be saved. Click, Extract. Double click the template to get it open.
  • Fifth, save the template and leave the saved template for future use.
  • Sixth, re-save the open template and use it as the working document. Go to File, Save as. Rename it using a name that will help with remembering the nature of the complaint. For example, John Brown Electric _Jan_5_2013_Electric Shortage. This is the document that will be printed and sent to the client.

There is no need to reinvent the wheel every time the company needs to write a complaint. Using a Letter of Complaint Template is handy and increases productivity.

Download: Letter of Complaint Template