Lesson Planner Template


Keeping track of a class syllabus is easier than before using MS Publisher. Instructors and students benefit from an organized lesson plan using this Lesson Planner Template available to download. This template comes organized for a six-week period in a monthly calendar layout. Students learn easy when they know what’s expected of them. The Lesson Planner Template keeps both the instructor and students on schedule so that everyone knows what lessons will be covered and the time it will take in ascending order. Instructors will use this template to plan out daily and weekly activities per monthly basis for newsletters and posters of high quality.

How To Use The Lesson Planner Template

This template will automatically open for the full version of MS Office using Publisher. Advantages for using this template are:

  • For each day segment the template user will lesson details and links. The enclosed will adjust for more room with new information entered which makes the template easier to use.
  • Adjust the text for month, year and days to personalize for your plan. The Lesson Planner Template already provides the layout and is open for customization.
  • Instead of creating one from scratch in publisher, this template comes in a basic format and is free to download from this site.

How To Download The Lesson Planner Template

Follow these instructions to use:

  • Download the file from this site into the right folder. By default the browser will be set to automatically save the file to the ‘download’ folder, or will give you a choice.
  • You can either launch MS Publisher to open the file from the saved folder or simply double-click on the file to launch it. It will launch in the appropriate office program.
  • Prepare the Lesson Planner Template by entering the month, year and dates and save immediately. This will ensure it is ready to complete with all the necessary information.

No need to waste paper anymore since this template make it all easier to combine all the necessary information to share in a better format. Margins and paper size is adjustable. All instructors and students will have a better constructed format to keep track of how the lessons are given to everyone’s benefit.

Download: Lesson Planner Template