Lesson Plan Checklist


Free Lesson Plan Checklist

Keeping track of your lesson plans is important for any teacher. If a teacher tries to wing it every day, they are going to let down their students by confusing them. A free downloadable lesson plan checklist can help streamline the education process for you and your students.

Teachers of all grades could greatly benefit from using this free lesson plan checklist template. It is simple to understand, easy to use, completely customizable, and absolutely free. There’s no reason to type up your own lesson plan template, when this template is so readily available.

How to Use the Lesson Plan Checklist Template

Start by downloading the lesson plan checklist from this website. It is compatible with Microsoft Word, or any other program that can open “.doc” documents. It is absolutely free to download, and distribute amongst the teachers in your school. Distributing it among your school’s teachers, can help create a uniform school lesson plan style.

Open up the lesson play checklist in your word processor, and customize it to fit your lesson plan. You can change it in anyway you see fit. Make sure to include a brief description of the lesson, the topic covered, your name, the grade, essential questions, important concepts, vocabulary words, and any other important information students need to know.

Print out one lesson plan checklist for each student, and hand them out before each lesson. Make sure to type up a different lesson plan for each lesson of the day. Use it as a guide for teaching, hitting on all the important information mentioned in the plan.

Tips on Using the Lesson Plan Checklist Template

Take a few moment to really consider the concepts, questions and vocabulary for your lesson plan. Write them down on a separate sheet of paper first, to help formulate them in your mind. Fully understanding the lesson plan concepts, will make them easier for your students to understand.

Read through your checklist out loud with your students, before beginning the lesson plan. This is important: it will help them understand what they are about to learn, and give them a learning guide. Students often need this kind of “lesson plan checklist” to remember vital lesson plan information.

Try to add something to the “Additional Information” section. This is the perfect spot to add interesting facts, important points to consider, and other information vital to your lesson.

Download: Lesson Plan Checklist