Legal Brochure Template


Your law firm can prepare a unique tri-fold legal brochure by downloading our legal brochure template offered on this page. Our free legal brochure template has six panels. You have panels for your text describing your firm, and two designated photograph spaces. You can insert two photos of either your partners, professional building or perhaps a staffed conference room. Your photograph selection is your own option selection. You can design and customize your professional legal brochure template with the same exacting attention to detail you display in your legal practice.

Legal Brochure Template: Free, Customizable and Easy to Use

The opportunity to download this legal brochure template is an outstanding value due to the fact it is a free offering on this website, the legal brochure can be customized with Word, and it is a very user friendly download with easy to use features. A detailed instruction is included with the legal brochure template. The following is a simplified excerpt:

  1. Top Front of Legal Brochure has a designated space for a photo of your offices or the portrait of the head of your firm, with the attorney’s name printed in large business like fonts.
  2. Describe your firm’s special fields of law and expertise with individual detail to specializations per attorney on your staff.
  3. Detail your Practice tenure, and include any special awards received by individual attorneys or the firm itself. Your legal brochure can be your best advertising tool.
  4. List short but powerful biographies of each of your firm partners with their juris doctorate institutions and any individually held offices past and present. Include their authorships if any, speeches as authoritative attorneys and enumerate their individual practice strength in this legal brochure. Name the Bars to which they are admitted to practice.
  5. List your law firm’s favorable standing in the community and any motto or ethical standard it stands by. Tell in a detailed but friendly personable paragraph why the reader should contact you today with any legal questions they may have, and why they should retain your firm to represent them in their legal needs.

Firm Address, Telephone Fax, and Website should be in bold font at end of brochure.

Download: Legal Brochure Template