Late Rent Notice


Free Late Rent Notice

Do you have tenants whose rent is past due? Maybe you have new tenants and you want to make sure that you have a form ready just in case you need it. Whatever the case, you can download an easy-to-use late rent notice template. It’s customizable, so you can adjust it to meet your needs and fit your situation with your renters. It’s even free.

How To Use the Late Rent Notice Template

The late rent notice template is simple, polite and to the point. To use it, simply click download and make sure that cookies are enabled on you computer, as per the instructions. Moments later, you’ll have a simple template that includes your name, a space for your tenants’ name and the ability to fill in how much rent was due, the date it was due and when the rent needs to be paid to avoid a late fee.

If you rent properties, it’s wise to have this template on hand early on, simply because things happen and when the time comes you don’t want to be searching for it or agonizing about how to handle the situation. Instead, send out the late rent notice letter 48 hours after the rent check is overdue. This will also back up the regulations established in your original contract so you don’t spend every month tracking down your tenants and trying to get their money.

Tips For Using the Late Rent Notice Template

One of the most important things you can do with this form is to remember that it’s simply a template. It’s your responsibility to make sure that the template meets all federal, state and local laws. To do that:

  • Take it to a lawyer who is familiar with property and rental laws
  • Double-check that the contract states what happens in the event of late payment
  • Make sure the notice and the contract match
  • Ask the lawyer to verify the contracts’ legality
  • Send the notice out 48 hours after rent is late

In the event that you have tenants who are habitually late with their rent, consider giving them notice about a possible eviction. Although it’s a last resort, it does have to happen in some instances. You may not want to lose a tenant, but you’re better off with one who pays regularly and on time.

Download: Late Rent Notice