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The Just Listed Postcards Template Can Help You Sell Your Home

A New Listing Postcard could be just what you need to get your sale some advertisement and facilitate some business. Using this Just Listed Postcards template, available here for download, you can quickly and easily make a professional looking postcard that you can mail to anyone. Here is a quick run down of how to use this template and a couple tips, too.

How to Use the Just Listed Postcards Template

Make sure you have a couple good pictures of the home that you are selling that you can add to this document before starting. Once you have that, you can download and open the Just Listed Postcards template. Any software that can recognize files made with Microsoft Publisher 2003 will open the document and leave you with plenty of information to edit.

The first information you can put in is the address of the home in the middle near the top. The agent’s name and credentials can be entered at the bottom left of the screen. Your company’s motto can be added below the picture as well as the price of the home. Make sure to put an attractive picture of the place to attract buyers. Where the image of the home is you can insert an image of the agent that is selling the home as well.

Tips for Using the Just Listed Postcards Template

Finding a place to put some key selling points about the house on the Just Listed Postcards template can help get buyers interested in the home. Under the price would probably be the best place to add a few bullet points stating what makes this great such a great buy. Contact information would also be a good idea to make sure that someone that is interested can get in contact an individual who can help. When you have all of the information you want added to the template, feel free to print it out and send it to as many people as you can.

This Just Listed Postcards template is a useful tool for selling a home. You can download it for free here and experience how easy to use and quick it is. You will have as many postcards as you can print ready to mail out in no time at all.

Download: Just Listed Postcards