June Calendar


June Calendar template screenshot

If you are an organized person and want a personalized calendar to suit your needs the June calendar Excel template is designed just for you. When you don’t want to go to the store and browse through countless of calendar designs, simply design your own.

You can change the scheme anytime and print out for your convenience. This is a great craft project for children to design their own calendars to keep up to date on their summer and after school events as well as household chores. There is no excuse to miss a birthday, anniversary or special event again.

How to Use the June Calendar Excel Template

The June Calendar easily downloads into Excel or you may save the template and open later. This calendar is totally free and customizable, which makes it a great alternative to store bought calendars. The June calendar syncs with your computer system to generate an accurate, up to date calendar for you. The formulas are preset so there is nothing left for you to do but fill in all of your important dates.

Tips for Using the June Calendar Excel Template

  • To add multiple events per day, select the “Alt” key on your keyboard and press “Enter”. This will start a new line for you.
  • This calendar has the abbreviated days of the week. To change these to the full name add an extra “d” to the end of the formula.
  • To change the color scheme go to the menu option “Page Layout” and select “Colors”. This brings up Excel’s preselected color palates. You may also highlight the cells and pick a particular color fill of your own.
  • For additional fun and personalization you can add a clip art or picture by selecting from the menu “Insert” and “Picture”. You can drag and resize the picture any way you’d like.
  • For gift ideas for little children to hand out, turn this into a flip calendar. Scan some of their artwork and use as cover sheets.

TemplateHaven.com provides a unique and free way to present and print out a June calendar you truly want.

Download: June Calendar Template