July Calendar


July Calendar template screenshot

In the busy world of today, everyone’s schedules are getting busier and busier. To keep yourself organized and aid your time management skills, a July calendar Excel template may be just what you need. This will give you somewhere to put all your activities in one place for easy access.

Available for free on this page is an easy-to-use July calendar. This Microsoft Excel template is fully customizable to keep anyone’s busy schedule all in one place. Just personalize it to your own taste and keep it saved on your computer for future changes.

How to Use the July Calendar Excel Template

The first step in using your July calendar template is choosing whether you would like your weeks to begin on Sunday or Monday. You can then put the year that you want the calendar to represent in the top left corner by clicking the appropriate field. Now you can add your schedule to the appropriate dates by doing the same.

Put a description and time of your scheduled event in the appropriate day to recall at a later time. Repeat the last step as necessary until you have your completed schedule for the month. At the bottom right is an additional area to add notes that may need as well. Complete all the events you have planned to keep yourself organized all month long.

Tips for Using the July Calendar Excel Template

To save time with daily events, copy and paste them to all the days that they are needed instead of typing them over and over again. Make sure to remember to add July 4th as a holiday. Save the template under a different name for later additions and changes instead of remaking all the events.

When your schedule changes, instead of making a mess of your current calendar, simply print out a new one with the additional information added to it. Save the new version over your old one and you will have a future reminder of everything you had scheduled for that month.

A fully customizable and easy-to-use July calendar Excel template may be just what you need to keep your busy schedule in order. Keep track of all your dealings in one place while easily updating it in the future.

Download: July Calendar Template