Job Description Template


Are you a busy human resources or administrative employee that works in a fast-paced office? Do you have a boss or bosses that need accurate and clear correspondence drafted as soon as possible? If your answer to the former question is “yes,” then your answer to the latter question is probably also the same. In today’s working environment, the average employee is looking for ways to make their work more efficient by exerting less energy; using a Microsoft Word Job Description Template is one way to accomplish that goal.

By using a job description template, a staff member has the time to focus on the main details and important information of a job description while not having to worry about inputting the recurring, standard information. So now, all that saved time can be devoted to that other project that you have been trying to avoid.

How to Use the Microsoft Word Job Description Template

  • Since the fields are fully customizable, first, go through the document and fill in the editable boxes with the necessary information, e.g. company name, job name, title, etc. Once complete, be sure to download and save the document in the appropriate folder on your computer. Perhaps you want to save it to a local drive for your personal use later, or maybe you want to store it on a shared drive so several or a group of people can also access and modify it.
  • If you are unable to locate the file later on, simply return to this page and download it again. The job description template is free and can be downloaded as many times as you need.

Tips for Using the Microsoft Word Job Description Template

  • Well-written and thought-out job descriptions are vital in order to set proper expectations for the employee and to contribute towards high productivity. Create an outline before-hand and plan out the information that the template will entail.
  • Review the document and make any necessary corrections before the final version is used. Ensure that the entire document has a logical flow to the information so that the reader is not confused.

As there will always be jobs, naturally there will always be job descriptions. Make the process of creating them easier by using a Microsoft Word Job Description Template–it will save you time and stress.

Download: Job Description Template