January Calendar


January Calendar Template

The January calendar Excel template by Microsoft is the perfect tool to assist busy individuals with keeping track of their busy schedules. Whether the user is a college student or a business owner, this free template makes keeping track of everyday activities simple, as the template is easy to read and easy to organize.

Using the January Calendar Template

The January calendar template is customizable in Excel, which means that not only do users get an exceptionally user-friendly template but they also get all the functionality of Excel. Due to this functionality, the template is customizable to fit each user’s individual needs and purpose.

The January Calendar template is available as a free download on this page and is ready for customization as soon as it is saved to the user’s computer.

Tips for Using the January Calendar Template

  • Simply click on any cell and start typing. Users can also enter multiple lines by pressing “Alt+Enter” to jump to the next line
  • For especially important days, the cell can be turned any color desired by using the “Fill Color” feature
  • To make the view of the calendar bigger or small, simply zoom in or zoom out using the + and – signs in the lower right-hand corner
  • The January calendar template also has tabs for the other 11 months of the year, for a year’s worth of scheduling saved in one convenient location
  • There is a useful note section at the bottom of each month’s calendar that provides space for verbiage that the user might not want to put in the actual schedule
  • Users have the option to change which year they are looking at as well. If scheduling for multiple years, it is beneficial to save the calendar as different files
  • When the year is changed in January, the year also conveniently changes for the followings months as well so that this change only has to be made once
  • To change the calendar year, choose the applicable year by using the up or down arrow next to the year that is displayed in the upper right-hand corner
  • To change which day of the week the calendar begins on, click the cell that has the day’s name in it. Users have the option of picking Sunday or Monday

The January calendar template is also easy to share, whether it is emailed to others or multiple people need to access it from a shared location.

Download: January Calendar Template