Island Kitchen Layout


Island Kitchen Layout screenshot

Building or remodeling a kitchen is expensive. Kitchens make or break the resale price of any home. It’s a job you need to get right the first time. When asked, professionals say the key to pulling it off starts in the planning. Use the free Island Kitchen Layout template to be sure the layout is optimized for your unique space.

Why Use the Island Kitchen Layout Template?

The customizable Island Kitchen Layout Template grants users a visual representation of what the finished space will look like. One can quickly determine if the space will be functional. Being sure to address issues on paper saves thousands of dollars and a lot of stress.

How to use the Island Kitchen Layout Template

  • First, download the free template. Save the file.
  • Second, measure the space. Then, measure again. Errors in measurement add up to dollars wasted when work starts.
  • Third, experiment with various designs. Start each new one by opening the file where you input your original measurements. Save each design under a new file name to compare them for final selections.

Tips for Using the Island Kitchen Layout Template

  • First, really think about the space you are designing. Take into consideration not only room dimensions, but also cabinets, appliances and traffic flow. Consider lighting issues, both functional and ambient. Most importantly, think about the budget. Is it possible to save money by adding to existing cabinetry and refinishing?
  • Second, after getting your island kitchen layout set up in the template, check out the space around the island. Make sure it’s wide enough all the way around for good traffic flow. Also, take into account the opening of appliance doors. Will there be enough room for someone to open the refrigerator door while another person walks by?\
  • Third, each time you come up with a great layout, save and print the template. Put your top three favorite designs in the space, if possible. Over a few days, think about each while in the space and how it will function. Make detailed notes of possible pros and cons on each design as they occur to you.

Kitchen design or remodeling can be an intimidating experience for any family. It doesn’t have to be. Use the easy Island Kitchen Template to design a kitchen the family will be happy in for years to come.

Download: Island Kitchen Layout