Inventory Template


An Inventory Template can be very useful to a business owner. It will help keep record and inventory of what you have to sell and help in quickly and easily realizing what items need restocked. If you own a business, and have inventory coming in and going out, an inventory list template is an easy to use and easy to understand tool that can save you many hours of time.

Inventory Template Basics

You can easily and quickly obtain an inventory list template from this page and fully customize it in Excel. As you begin you will see the headings to each column that signify what you should put in as data. If you have an ID number for the item you are about to inventory in the Inventory Template then you should provide it.

The name of the item precedes the ID number. A short description of the item can then be placed in the next area. Unit price is the selling price of the item in question. The quantity in stock can then be added next. The inventory list template then fills in the next field for you by calculating the inventories value. Last, the reorder number is the amount in which an item gets down to before you need to order more.

How to Use the Inventory Template Successfully

One of the most important aspects of using an inventory template is successfully adding the original data. Before you start, you should organize your inventory and give each item a unique ID number. You should also bring paper and a writing utensil with you to keep track of the names and the amount of each item you are going to add to the inventory list template.

If you do not have a price list you should add this information to your sheet as well. As you begin you will fill out the inventory ID number in the first column. Follow the row to the right to fill in all the data you collected as you went through your inventory.

The last column can be filled out to your own preference. If the Quantity in Stock falls below the Reorder Level then a red flag will appear at the left side of all the columns signifying that it is time to place an order so you do not run out of stock. This very simple process is repeated for any and all items you wish to inventory.

This Inventory Template is easy to use and you can download it from right here to keep track of all your products quickly and easily.

Download: Inventory Template