Inventory Sheet Template


The primary objective of any business is to earn money by providing a good or service to the public at a cost. For businesses that deal in product sales or rentals, keeping an up to date record of all inventory is an integral and crucial aspect of this process. An inventory sheet template can help a business do just that by streamlining the restocking process, as well as helping to pinpoint any areas that may need more monitoring.

How to Use Inventory Sheet Template

This free inventory sheet template is incredibly simple to customize so that it can be used for any business. Download the template right here from this page and save it along with your other master sheets. Keeping masters in a separate folder is one way to make sure they aren’t accidentally copied over and always remain ready to use. Once saved, modify the sheet to reflect your business by adding the company name or logo.

Now is the time to make any other changes you’d like to be permanent also, for instance if you’d like to add the product names or reordering information or if you need more or less information cells. Once saved, the inventory sheet template can be opened and filled out with fresh inventory information, and then “saved as” each ensuing inventory date. Remember to keep the master copy saved separately.

Tips for Using the Inventory Sheet Template

If your company uses product codes to identify stock, be sure to take advantage of the code and description slots as inventory can change often. This is particularly important in a large company as different vendors and suppliers are dealt with. Product codes and descriptions in the inventory sheet template can make stock ordering far less confusing. Saving each inventory sheet carefully in a yearly inventory folder is a great way to keep track of which items are moving more quickly than others. This can help your business keep track of everything from ordering stock to monitoring product loss through theft and spoilage. Ongoing records of stock are also a great way to help businesses recognize seasonal trends. Well kept records make everything a little easier.

Download: Inventory Sheet Template