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Free Inventory List

An inventory list can be a great way to keep track of your goods and help keep you on top of your ordering, whether it is for business or personal needs. It is easy to use, and best of all, it is free to download on this page! An inventory list is a detailed, or itemized list of all the materials or goods that are in your possession. Especially with a business, where items are constantly being bought or sold, it would be too hard and complicated to calculate or keep track of in your head. However, inventory tracking is not just for businesses and can be utilized for any purpose or situation, so long as there are items in your possession.

Instead of having notebooks to flip through, or clutters of handwritten notes, use of the template will allow you to make changes quickly, while also having the necessary information readily available at a glance. By using the Inventory List, you can be sure that accounting will be easy, accurate, and hassle free. Once you have downloaded our free list, you can customize it to fit all of your needs.

How to Use the Inventory List Template

  1. Once downloaded, fill in your customizable data. You can add or delete any fields as appropriate.
  2. You will want to save it to your computer under a file or folder easily located for future use.
  3. By using the inventory list, the data can tell you what you have, what you don’t have, and what you will need, much like a sophisticated grocery list.

Basic Tips for Using the Inventory List

  1. Organize your items so that they may be identified easily, which includes grouping same items together to be counted at one time.
  2. Record additions or deletions to your inventory regularly to ensure accuracy.
  3. Use Price and/or Quantity fields to make quick changes to existing inventory.
  4. If it is difficult to get an accurate count during operating hours, count items during “off hours”.

Don’t wait, download our template today!

Download: Inventory List