Inventory Control Spreadsheet


Photo of the Inventory Control Spreadsheet

Inventory control is very important for businesses that occupy a warehouse space, ship items to customers, and stores that need to keep track of things for ordering their own supplies. Keeping track of inventories can be difficult if you don’t use an appropriate software or program. The inventory control spreadsheet is a free download for users that need to keep track of their inventory. It is easy to use and available right now. This Microsoft spreadsheet will keep you in control and help you track everything you own.

How to Use the Microsoft Inventory Control Spreadsheet

  • First, at the top of the page, write the item number and description of the item you are keeping track of on the inventory control spreadsheet. Begin your inventory control with the first order of the product. Make sure you put the date of the order in to see how long it takes for you to receive the item in normal circumstances. Placing the order first will set up the spreadsheet with a positive number of the product.
  • Secondly, enter the exact amount of what you received in. Make sure it matches with what you ordered. This is very important, because what you ordered is what you need to fulfill orders. Make sure you put the date you received your product to verify shipping days.
  • Lastly, keep track of each item you sell on the inventory control spreadsheet. When your inventory begins to be low, it will help you decide on how much you will then need to order again.

Tips for Using the Microsoft Inventory Control Spreadsheet

  • Make sure you track each item individually on your inventory control spreadsheet. You may become confused if you try to list multiple things on a page.
  • Make sure you keep your writing legible. If you write sloppy, you may misinterpret numbers and find yourself low on inventory or have too much inventory.
  • You should track your inventory daily. If you do not track your inventory every day, you may find your self at risks of losing money. Your inventory has a cost value and a profit value. That is why you should know how much you have and how much you need every day.

Download: Inventory Control Spreadsheet