Inpatient Form Template


The goal of any hospital or clinic is providing a competent and appropriate level of patient attention that can be facilitated with an inpatient form template. An inpatient form template must contain all the necessary personal information, care directives, and should plainly indicate the type of care given and the duration of the care as specifically as possible.

A computerized repeatable inpatient form template cannot only improve communication between doctors and nurses but can also provide excellent shift to shift communication and improve patient confidence in the staff, the facility and the treatment they receive. Patients that are happy with the service they receive are your best advertisement.

The Microsoft Excel inpatient form template is capable of tracking multiple patients, uses standard coding so that time spent with each patient in each activity can be readily accessible to any hospital or clinic’s accounting staff, and can be set up to follow the actual path that your operations follows in accepting and treating inpatients. The inpatient form saves time, prevents errors that can produce litigation, is an eternal record of treatment, can be accessed by any device that is Excel capable, is customizable to specific locations and patients, and can be downloaded for free.

How to Use the Inpatient Form Template

  1. Download the inpatient form template – it is free at this site.
  2. Customize the inpatient template with your hospital or clinic’s name. You can add a logo if you wish.
  3. Fill in the room numbers. Rooms should be staged in order of severity of the patient’s needs as well as take into consideration the floor that the patient is on and be considerate of the doctor’s and nurse’s time by planning the room visits according to priority and in a time conscious manner.
  4. Add service codes that comply with the legal and accounting needs of your facility. The codes can include complexity of service rows and an appropriate estimate of the time spent with each patient. The left hand columns are customizable for the type of service provided to each patient and can include initial consultation, dismissal procedures and follow-up instructions.
  5. Add the time and level of care appropriate to each service code.
  6. The form is customizable for one to ten patients.
  7. Header columns can include patient name, room number, floor number, designated physician and diagnosis.

Daily Use of the Inpatient Form Template

  1. Enter the date or update the date.
  2. Enter the patients name, room number, floor number, and diagnosis or treatment code.
  3. Update the form for the process that has been completed. Plan the next step and document that plan with the appropriate time and location. Include notes about dismissal instructions and follow-up instructions for each patient.
  4. Backup the inpatient form each time you make an entry.

Download: Inpatient Form Template