Independence Day Party Invitations


An invitation must have the basic information. Independence Day party invitations should also get your guest excited about the event. You can make a patriotic impression along with the necessary information with these simple instructions and tips.

Making your Independence Day Party Invitations

This Independence Day Party Invitation is available online at no charge. These instructions show you how to fill out the fields to customize your invitations. Simply download the simple template, fill out the fields and print exactly how many you wish.

Step by step instructions to download and customize your Independence Day Party Invitations.

  • After the download is complete, open a window for your Independence Day Party Invitations.
  • The program shows where the fields are.
  • Type your greeting message and your party information
  • Who, What, Where, When and any other vital information should be included.
  • Choose your font, text size and other details.
  • Save and print.

Tips to Make Your Free Invitations a Success

Options for the invitations are the traditional folded invitations or a whole page flyer. If you plan to put the Independence Day Party Invitations on a message board or are afraid it will get lost in a deluge of mail, pick the flyer. To give the recipient more privacy choose the fold over invitations.

  • Give the details.
  • Use a large font size to make the words jump from the page.
  • Pick a unique font for each field
  • Or a different text size.
  • Add a menu or time table for events
  • Underline words for emphasis.
  • Use spell/grammar check before printing.
  • Print a single copy to ensure you like the final product.

These tips will help you choose the right template and customize it to your needs. Follow the instructions, and you will be amazed how easy the invitations are to print for yourself.

Download: Independence Day Party Invitations