ID Badge Template


Free ID Badge Template

Every business has to keep track of their employees. They have to keep track in order to make sure that only authorized personnel has access to restricted areas. Most companies accomplish this enforcement through the use of ID Badges. The creation of these badges can be difficult. However, through the use of an ID badge template, the task can be made much easier.

How to Use the ID Badge Template

  • First, adjust the free ID badge template with your company’s information such as name and logo. Save the template to create a basic template specifically for your company.
  • Second, collect the employee data required on the ID badge. These include photo, employee ID number and office title.
  • Third, add the employee information to the template one employee at a time. Save each employee’s filled out badge as a precaution to loss and theft. Repeat this step for each employee.

Tips for Using the ID Badge Template

  • First, restrict who has access to the company badge template. The use of ID badges is an attempt at security. Do not make it easy for unauthorized personnel to get around it.
  • Second, on the employee side of security, do not post details on the ID badge that are not necessary for security procedures. Do not put sensitive information on the ID badge. Keep that information in a separate security system.
  • Third, remember to enforce the policy regarding the ID badges, both reports of loss and theft as well as other changes to employee status. Only enforcement of the ID badge system will help with the security of the workplace.

Workplace security is an important issue for both businesses and employees. One method of dealing with security issues is to develop a system for identifying who belongs there and who does not. To help determine who does and who does not belong in certain areas of a business, ID badges have been developed as a means of identifying who does belong. Through the use of a downloadable ID badge template, the creation of these tools can be done quickly and efficiently.

Download: ID Badge Template