Housekeeping Checklist


Free Housekeeping Checklist

In this day and age there is so much to do with so little time. It is easy to miss something you need to do, such as fax over documents to a colleague or pick up the dry cleaning to paying bills. Having a housekeeping checklist accomplishes two things:

  1. It organizes what you need to do, sometimes in sequential order, and can show you what has priority and what does not, at a glance.
  2. It shows you what has been completed. This keeps you from wasting time, and in some cases even money, repeating items on your checklist.

Having a premium housekeeping checklist provided to you save you the trouble of drafting one yourself. The Microsoft Word housekeeping checklist template offers you a simple and easy way to construct, tailor, and manage your to-do list. This housekeeping checklist template allows you to effectively manage anything you do.

How to Use the Housekeeping Checklist Template Word Document

  • Notice that the template has three columns: a completion column that states “DONE”, a time column that displays “DAILY, WEEKLY, MONTHLY,” and a notes column. Use the completion column to check whether the task has been completed or not.
  • In the time column, list briefly that task that need to be accomplished with any secondary information in parenthesis.
  • Use the NOTES sections to write any extra important information that must be included, such as telephone numbers, due dates, prices, and/or contact names.

Tips for Using the Housekeeping Checklist Template Word Document

  • The Housekeeping Checklist Template Word Document can be used for more than just listing housekeeping tasks. It can cover business tasks, as well, such as business meetings, business trips, alternative approaches you would like to explore to reach a certain result, and more.
  • Once task are completed keep them listed. Or if you have completed all task on a housekeeping checklist, then keep the document. It will serve as a blueprint for future reference. Sometimes we do task infrequently and may forget everything involved in completing a particular task, such as throwing a surprise party which has many smaller task that need to be accomplished in a particular order..

Download: Housekeeping Checklist