Household Inventory


Free Household Inventory

Keeping a detailed household inventory makes it easier to deal with warranties, service programs and God Forbid, insurance companies. Establishing a go-to system which stores an item’s serial number, manufacturer and purchase price decreases the hassle when replacements or repairs are necessary. Your household inventory can be kept on a flash drive or in a ringed binder if a hard copy is preferred.

How to Use the MS Excel Household Inventory List

The household inventory list is available as a free download from this page. It is easily customizable for your needs.

  • Add your personal and insurance information in the top left boxes.
  • Add the date the list was created at the end of ‘Home Contents Inventory List’ as a reminder. Update the list with new purchases or sales of items.
  • Missing item information, serial number, manufacturer, etc, a spin around a search engine may provide it.
  • Try to use the actual artist’s name or the on-line website’s name when documenting a purchase. It will make it easier to access information for returns or warranty issues.
  • Use the Notes section to describe an item or to remember warranty & service program expiration dates.
  • Take at least 3 photographs of each item added to the Household Inventory list – Top, front & back or angles depending on the item. Store on the flash drive or in photo sleeves in the binder.

Tips for Using the MS Excel Household Inventory List

  • Laser Print Receipts grow dark to the point of being unrecognizable. Scan or print a copy of the receipt to your household inventory flash drive or binder.
  • If an item’s current value cannot be readily appraised, check auction websites for an estimated value. Insurance companies often look to these sites when calculating reimbursements. Reference the site used in the Notes section.
  • When updating your household inventory list, replace the old date with the present date and save as a new file. This provides a back-up file.

Download: Household Inventory