Household Budget Spreadsheet

Household Budget Spreadsheet

The Household Budget Spreadsheet can help you solve any financial issue by giving you the tools to construct a detailed budget sheet for you and your family. The budget covers every month of the year with a new tab. All you have to do is enter the information required by the document and then you’ll instantly receive feedback about your expenses you need. The data provided will be highly detailed and accurate. With this simple tool, you’ll easily enter all your financial information and be able to enjoy the rest of your day knowing all your bills and any other expense have been taken care of for the month!

How to Use the Household Budget Spreadsheet

Start by downloading the document to your computer. Simply click the link below to get started!

You will begin in the “Budget” tab. This is where you will enter all your income and fixed expense information. The Household Budget Spreadsheet has listed several examples, such as student loans, rent/mortgage, and any form of debt. Enter your fixed income at the top and make your way down the list by adding expenses that regularly come up on a monthly basis.

After you have entered all the necessary information in the “Budget” tab, you’ll notice that there are multiple tabs at the bottom titled with a month. Click on the tab of the current month you are in.

Each day of the month is causally listed on the first column of a page. You will change the titles in the top row to expenses that are more common for you. Enter your total fixed income for the month in the top right corner.

For each of the days, enter the amount you spent under that specific category. The Household Budget will calculate the total you spent for a single day and give you the amount of your remaining income.

At the bottom of each monthly tab, you’ll see a reminder of all your fixed expenses: debt, recurring expenses, and savings information.

When you begin a new month, simply go to the next tab on the list. The beginning “Budget” tab also has a section for a complete overview in the blue table. This is the accumulation of all the months you’ve entered so far, giving you a better understanding of your finances.

Don’t let your finances get the best of you. Get everything under control with this simple budget Household Budget Spreadsheet!

Download: Household Budget Spreadsheet