House Sitting Checklist


If you have to go out of town for personal reasons, vacation or on business, that alone can leave you feeling stressed and overwhelmed. You have to pack, make travel arrangements, and find a way for your home to be cared for while you are away. Preparing a house sitting checklist is the best way to make sure that your possessions, loved ones, and obligations are handled in a responsible manner.

How to Use the House Sitting Checklist

This house sitting checklist will allow you to leave important contact information with your house sitter. It will provide a space for you to leave instructions and a description about who to care for and when. This free to download house sitting checklist is totally customizable to your needs. It outlines the details so that nothing is forgotten or ignored. Your house sitter will be able to easily read, understand and follow the instructions given. This form can also be used as a legal document to allow permission for medical care of pets/children in case of an emergency.

Being away from home is never easy but with this checklist in hand it takes some of the “what if” fears out of the situation. The information provided on the checklist for the house sitter will even guide them through an emergency. The checklist provides instructions for how to handle the incoming mail that can pile up while you are away. In this day of electronic transfers and communications you may not have many important documents coming in the mail, but you also do not want to bring unwanted attention to your mailbox by strangers who maybe lurking. Be prepared for your next out of town trip by downloading this checklist.

Tips for Using the House Sitting Checklist

  • Fill out the checklist at least one week before your planned departure. This will give you time to go over the checklist with your house sitter.
  • If you are caring for and older parent instead of children or pets. Fill the providing care for section with your older parent’s medical information and care instructions.
  • Fax, e-mail, or hand a copy of the checklist to a trusted neighbor so that they will also be aware of the house sitter’s instructions, in case of and emergency.
  • Scan a completed copy of the checklist onto your computer and email it to yourself so that you can have a copy of the same information with you on the road.

Download: House Sitting Checklist