Home Maintenance Checklist


Free Home Maintenance Checklist

Conducting routine maintenance checks on a home keeps its systems running smoothly, increases energy efficiency, and catches small repairs before they become big problems. Even the small things can make a difference in costs. A home maintenance checklist makes it easy to know when and what to inspect. What tasks should be done quarterly? When was the last time the water heater was flushed?

Free to download, the Home Maintenance Checklist Template is a schedule and guide that will streamline the process for homeowners. It’s a foundation of necessary tasks that can be customized to fit the needs of any household.

How to Use the Home Maintenance Checklist Template

  • After downloading and opening the document in Excel, read through the color coded list and delete or hide any items not relevant to your home.
  • Next, add in any unique features of the property not listed, such as, a central vacuum unit.
  • Then, add to or adjust the maintenance instructions if needed or include contact info for a plumber or other specialists.
  • Finally, make a copy of the changes in digital and/or paper for your records.

Tips For Getting the Most from the Home Maintenance Checklist Template

The ease of adjusting and printing the template means that it takes only a few minutes to consolidate important data.

  • Include any useful serial or model numbers for quick references without having to dig through manuals, squeeze into tight spots or awkward corners.
  • Use an additional column to eliminate the guesswork as to when an unexpected repair or cleaning was completed, and how much it cost.
  • Add special notes about observations. Perhaps a message about replacing a clothes dryer vent screen, or whether or not to order more or less mulch in the Spring.
  • Use the template as a seasonal reminder for future repairs. For instance, enter the expected year and best season for the replacement of a roof when it has 5-10 years left. This information will then be at hand for long term budget considerations.

Every homeowner wants to get to the business of living in their home secure in the knowledge that everything is safe, will work when they need it, and future necessary repairs have been accounted for. The Home Maintenance Checklist will help make property rounds orderly and productive. Download it for free here today!

Download: Home Maintenance Checklist