Home Inventory


What would you do if your home were vandalized or caught in an awful fire? Your mind is not thinking rationally and questions you wish you did not have to be bothered with do need answers. Your insurance agent will tell you once you’ve initiated your policy to keep a list of all your valuables with receipts. Where would you even begin? Of course you will start indicating recent purchases, but you need to input all of your major purchases, even what may seem insignificant if you’d like them replaced. A carefully written out home inventory contents list will make this an easy start for you.

How to Use the Home Inventory Contents List

This home inventory list is an easy Excel file to download for free here. It’s also customizable, so you can add any item from any room. This home inventory contents list keeps track of your items and their location in your home.

  • To start, input your name and contact information.
  • Next, fill in your insurance company and agent information.
  • Make note that the inventory date will default to today’s date so anytime you make adjustments it will have the most recent date for you.
  • Fill in the location of the item, a description, the make and model, a serial number, the date you purchased the item, where you purchased the item and the purchase price. The list will ask you an estimated value for the item. You can always leave that blank for now.
  • The total value of your items will auto calculate for you.

Tips for Using the Home Inventory Contents List

  • If you have a room in your house with valuables that’s not listed in the provided drop down menu you can add it in yourself. First, go to the next tab “Room Lookup”. Scroll to the last row and type in the room name. When you go back to the Content page you will see it in the drop down menu.
  • The spreadsheet asks if you have photos. Where you have indicated yes, you can link a hyperlink that will take you directly to that photo if it’s on your computer or stored online. You can scan copies of your receipts and do this as well.
  • Keep this spreadsheet in your email or other online storage file. You can literally send this sheet in to your insurance agent and they will have everything they need to start your claim.

The home inventory contents list gives you a peace of mind in case of any unfortunate events that lie ahead.

Download: Home Inventory Contents List