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Home Inventory Checklist Free

In the event that something catastrophic happens in your home, it’s important to have an accurate record of all of your valuables. It isn’t enough to simply write down a list of all your valuables and expect it to be taken seriously. That’s why the home inventory checklist was created.

The home inventory checklist is an easy-to-use template from Microsoft. Below you will find instructions on how to best use the template. You can download the home inventory checklist absolutely free by clicking the link located on this page.

How to Use the Home Inventory Checklist Template from Microsoft

After downloading the home inventory checklist, the first step is to input the head of the household. Next, add the address and best telephone number to be reached at. The next step is to add all of the insurance information, which includes the name of the company, the company’s phone number, your policy number, your insurance agent, their phone number and their address.

In the body of the home inventory checklist is where you will add all the necessary information about the inventory in your home. Here, you will put an item number if one applies, which room or area the item is located, a description of the item, the make and model, the serial or ID number, the date the item was purchase, where the item was purchased, the amount you paid for the item, the estimated current value of the time, any notes about the item and a picture if you have one.

The home inventory checklist also serves as a calculator. The total estimated value of all of your items will be calculated after you input the information for each item.

Have some peace of mind and keep an accurate record of all of your irreplaceable items with the home inventory checklist from Microsoft. Download the home inventory checklist template for free here today!

Download: Home Inventory Checklist