Holiday Stationery


Free Holiday Stationery

A good way to improve the appearance of a letter is the use of holiday stationery. This is a simple no hassle addition to any letter or form. Rather than buying stationery patterns a template can be used instead. This allows the computer to simply print out the patterns, saving money on stationery.

This Christmas-themed stationery can simply be used for all messages and memos. It has the added benefit of allowing a nice holiday theme even in digital documents. Traditionally purchased stationery can’t do that.

Holiday Stationery Usage and Application

  • To use the holiday stationery template simply download the free copy at the link. This can then be imported into almost any office program, from the templates menu. After selecting the placeholder template the page will be prepared.
  • The customizable template merely provides a guideline. In this case a nice border with a prompt to place the text. There’s no worrying about getting the margins right. It will be obvious if the text overlaps the border. It is very easy to use.
  • Simply start typing away and the text should be added immediately. When sending a digital copy of the document, there is no need to worry about the template file. It will be included in the “Save” file.
  • Printed documents will, of course, need a color printer for best effect. Images can still be rendered in grey scale. However, it is important to avoid using monochrome. This will significantly reduce the quality of the border if printed.

Holiday Stationery Tips and Tricks

There are still a few tips and tricks to improve results, even with a simple holiday stationery. These tips will help with any memos, letters, and forms. So don’t feel the need to only use them with holiday stationery.

  • Add a seasonal message at the bottom of the template, such as “Season’s Greetings!”
  • Consider using colored paper. A red, green, and blue color scheme can further brighten the festive effects.
  • Consider modifying the template to have a custom logo. Either a personal signature or a company logo.This can greatly improve the personalized feel of the template.

Download: Holiday Stationery