Holiday Recipe Cards


Free Holiday Recipe Cards

Lights are twinkling outside, the halls are decked with holly, and special delectable treats are cooking in the kitchen. In many homes, that long sentence describes the holidays. As many of those special treats cooking in the kitchen are only served once a year, the keepers of the recipes for those treats require special attention. They need to be easily found though they are infrequently used. Writing them down on special holiday recipe cards provides that attention.

How to Use the Holiday Recipe Cards

  • First, gather all of the special recipes you wish to include in the holiday recipe cards. This step greatly simplifies the overall process.
  • Second, enter each recipe one at a time into the customizable template. Each template will hold four recipes. Save after each recipe is entered. This step guards against computer failures.
  • Third, print the recipe cards out on nice paper. Cut the recipes apart and laminate them to preserve their use in the kitchen. This step will add some strength to the resulting cards.

Tips on Using the Holiday Recipe Cards

  • First, instead of entering four different recipes, one could enter only one recipe on all four cards. Using this tip would create great gifts for the cooks in one’s life.
  • Second, print the cards on colored paper to make the recipe stand out in the recipe box. Putting the recipes on different colored paper will help make it easier to find those recipe that are only used once a year.
  • Third, with some minor changes to the border, one could also use this template for other holidays where food is a major part of the celebration such as Thanksgiving.

The holidays are laden with traditions. One of those major traditions for many families is special foods that are only served during the holidays. Preserving the recipes for these special holiday foods is important. These foods represent the holidays to the family. However, since the recipes are used sparingly, they are at risk of easily being lost. The use of a free downloadable holiday recipe cards can help fight that possibility and preserve the traditional foods from year to year.

Download: Holiday Recipe Cards