Holiday Party Template


Screenshot of the Holiday Party Template

Every holiday you need to send out tons of invitations and pay high prices at the store just for a simple card. Now you can save time and money and make them yourself. With a Holiday Party Template, all you have to do is add your own information to the body of the document and print them out. Next, you will be addressing your envelopes and dropping them off at the post office.

Why Use a Holiday Party Template

To save you time and money it is a simple choice to try our easy to use and free Holiday Party Template available on this page. Instead of buying cards for each individual and writing your own personal message on them, you can now make your own cards look that look just as professional, while saving time by typing up one message for all people that are invited. You can even easily customize the background picture for use with other holidays.

How to Use a Holiday Party Template

The template available here has a snowman on the right side and says join us at the top left. Snow hills go across the bottom with a line of trees behind. Behind this scene, and covering the upper and middle part of the card is a sky blue area with snow in it. In this template, this is where you will want to add your text.

You will want to add the address, the date, and any additional information about the party that you want. You may want to leave a little room at the top to put the person that you are inviting name and also leave a little room at the bottom to sign your invitation.

After you have made a professional looking invite, you can print out as many as you want. It is recommended that you use high quality paper to make them even more attractive. Next address your envelopes and send them out.

The best part of this Holiday Party Template is that you can change the background picture to suit any event you have planned with a picture of your choice. The next time you have a party make sure to use the great Holiday Party Template we have available on this page to save you both time and money while making your invitation just as professional as one bought from the store.

Download: Holiday Party Template