Holiday Flyer Template


Using a holiday flyer template makes it easy to advertise an upcoming event hosted by your company or organization. By downloading a template, you can create an appealing flyer that lets people know about your event and encourages them to attend. You can include all of the pertinent information you need to convey in a creative fashion. Most importantly, you can set your event apart from the crowd with an imaginative, eye-catching flyer!

How to Use a Holiday Flyer Template

  • First, take full advantage of this customizable, free flyer by entering the name of your holiday event into the heading.
  • Next, enter the date, time and address where the event will be held.
  • Third, write a little description of what will go on at the event. Be sure to include some special highlights to get people to mark that date on their calendars.
  • Lastly, enter the name of your organization or company at the bottom of the page. Download our easy-to-use holiday flyer template right here to let people know you’re hosting a great party!

Tips for Using a Holiday Flyer Template

  • Highlight the name of a band or any other forms of entertainment that will be performing at your event. This serves as a draw for people who love to hear great music at a holiday gathering.
  • Make mention of the foods that will be available to guests. If your organization is planning to have a buffet, be sure to include information about options for vegetarians as well as fabulous dessert choices.
  • If your organization is serving alcohol at the event it is a good idea to mention that as another enticement to attend.
  • If the event is being held at a particular venue, include some interesting points about the venue to give potential guests a picture of the place.
  • Put any especially important information in bold print so people will notice it right away.

There are a lot of holiday events going on at this time of year. Give yours an extra element of pizzazz by using a holiday flyer template to let people know about it!

Download: Holiday Flyer Template