Holiday Christmas Newsletter

Holiday Christmas Newsletter

The best way to announce your holiday plans is by sending your loved ones the Holiday Christmas Newsletter! This pre-designed Christmas Newsletter allows you to fill in the blank spaces with your exact holiday plans and have a fun and creative letter to send to everyone you know by the end of the process. The pre-written text will give you ideas to get started; all you need to do is fill in the spaces! Get your holiday started off the right way by using this free Holiday Newsletter!

Holiday Christmas Newsletter Guide

After you have successfully downloaded the free file below, simply open the document to get started!

The center of this unique newsletter is where you will enter your title. The Christmas Newsletter comes with the pre-written title “Christmas Holiday Newsletter”. However, you can change this to anything that suits your party. Simply highlight the text with your mouse and start typing your new title!

The first paragraph at the top of the page will serve as an introduction to your holiday event. Start with a short message about coming together for the holidays and lead into what you will be hosting this year. The next section will simply discuss more about your party or event.

The paragraph after the title is where you can write more specifics about your holiday event. Some things to include here are the date, time, and address. You can also enter other information you want your guests to know before coming over. You can tell them about the theme of your event if they should bring food, and what they should expect when they arrive at your door.
You can also add a bulleted list of items and events for a breakdown of your party at the bottom of the page. When everything is just the way you want it, you can print the document to send out to the people you love.

Why You Should Use the Holiday Christmas Newsletter

By using this fun newsletter as both an invitation and a greeting card, you can save time and money inviting the people you love to share the holidays with you. Nothing sends a heartfelt holiday message better than this newsletter, so spend less time shopping and filling out cards. Download this document for free and spend that time on your friends and family this year!
Make your own holiday newsletter this year!

Download: Holiday Christmas Newsletter