Holiday Celebration Invitation

Holiday Celebration Invitation

The holidays are a time to spend with the people you know and love. Send them the fun Holiday Celebration Invitation to welcome them to your home for the holidays! Nothing beats the sentimentality and personal touch of a mailed invitation. This document provides you with a fast and free way to send your friends and family an invitation for our upcoming holiday bash! ’Tis the season for getting together, so make your life easier this year by downloading the free Holiday Invitation!

How to Use the Holiday Celebration Invitation

The first thing you need to do is download the free file below by clicking on the link provided. After you have successfully downloaded the file, you’ll be free to customize your very own Celebration Invitation.

The next step is you’ll want to choose a title for your holiday event. This will replace the phrase “Celebrate the Holiday Season” at the top of the page. Choose a title that encapsulates the spirit of your event.

The next section is just a small message that will have some details of your event and a brief overview. Some good ideas are to write a summary, what to bring, if the event is themed, and what type of clothes the person should wear. This will give an indication of what your party will be about.

Finally, the last section at the bottom is where you can enter the date, time, and address of your event, so your guest will know exactly where to show up and when.

The document comes packed with great and festive designs for the holidays, but you can also choose to add your own photos from your computer. Simply press “Insert” at the top and select the “Picture” option from the list. Now you have everything you need to invite the people you love over for the holidays!

Reasons to Use the Holiday Celebration Invitation

  • Fun design that’s easy to customize
  • Includes example of what to write
  • Formatted for easy printing

Send some holiday joy this year with the invitation template!

Download: Holiday Celebration Invitation