HIPAA Privacy Form


HIPAA Privacy Form free

Every medical company needs to smoothly and confidentially handle patient records. In order to access their medical records in a way that protects confidentiality, patients’ requests to view or amend their records must be recorded and carefully processed. This HIPAA Privacy Form Microsoft Word template provides medical companies a free and customizable way to professionally and reliably keep track of requests to view sensitive records.

Customization allows a company to personalize the template with a logo and contact information, imprinting the brand on patients’ minds. The template quickly and easily generates professional documentation for more effective record-keeping.

How to Use the HIPAA Privacy Form for Microsoft Word

The customizable HIPAA Privacy Form is easy to use and completely free. First, download the file on this page into Microsoft Word. Second, enter in all company information including address, contact information and directions for submitting a completed form. Add a company logo or mission statement to further personalize the form. Next, save the file so that the customized form is easy to access when additional copies must be printed. The finished document can either be printed out and filled in by hand by a patient, or filled out online and sent electronically via email or a patient portal.

Tips for Using the HIPAA Privacy Form for Microsoft Word

  • First, adjust the form to fit various standard paper sizes such as letter, legal, executive, and card sizes. Utilize this versatile option to match this form to other types of company records. Versatility helps provide a cohesive and professional face to medical patients.
  • Second, be sure to provide both postal address and email information so that patients know where to send the completed HIPAA Privacy Form for hard copy and soft copy options. Effective, up-front communication with patients is essential to smooth operations and good record-keeping.
  • Third, consider posting a PDF version of the custom HIPAA Privacy Form on the company website. Patients will appreciate easier, faster access to the form and company staff members will be able to focus other tasks that cannot be automated.

Download: HIPAA Privacy Form