High School Curriculum Template


Great teachers are also great planners. With the Visio High School Curriculum Template we can make your planning much more simple, streamlined and get you closer to the perfect plan. This template will help you create a goal driven plan that allows for differentiation of instruction. The template can be used to plan entire year, a full unit or just one day of lessons.

The high school curriculum template is available for free on this page. You can customize the template to fit yours and your students’ needs. The template is easy to use and available right here. Once you begin using it you will be able to see the ‘whole picture’ with your lessons in a neat, orderly, easy-to-see pattern. You may revise as you see fit. It will also allow for any surprises that will inevitable come your way.

Tips for Using Your High School Curriculum Template

  1. Fill out your learning goal at the top left hand corner of your high school curriculum template.
  2. In the description area you should figure out which standard you are working on. If you are working with Common Core you should cite the strand with a brief description.
  3. When to teach? This is where your organizational skills come in and where the high school curriculum template can help you. The most important part of a plan is when to implement the lessons. This also gives you an opportunity to see precisely when you should teach certain concepts and know which ones you have addressed before.
  4. Underneath the “When to Teach” chart is a description of when to teach the lesson and where you can place it in your overall curriculum.
  5. Beneath this wheel is where your creativity comes into the process. You can give yourself a step-by-step guide as to what questions to ask your students and what you will do to get them to understand the essential question you are preparing them for. It would be a good idea to write down your Exit Slip questions towards the end so that you can anticipate a way to get your students there.

Of course, we all know that every class is going to be different. Each class presents a whole new set of challenges. The high school curriculum template helps you create a strong game plan that will ensure each day is successful and meaningful.

Download: High School Curriculum Template