Happy New Year Cards


Free Happy New Year Cards

Using a personally customized design template for your Happy New Year cards is free and simple to download. Sending a more customized card to your friends and family is an option that signifies warmth and sincerity because it is more personal and thoughtful than an e-card straight off a “point and shoot” website. Some advantages of using the Happy New Year Cards template are as follows:

  1. This template is available for free on this page
  2. This template is personally customizable
  3. This template is easy-to-use and downloadable for free on this page.

If you are planning a party for New Years’ Eve or you want to send “New Year Best Wishes” to someone special, this beautifully designed 8.5 X 5.5 inch, one-fold card template is free to download. The festive card design features a Chinese theme of a man hugging a Koi fish with a lovely lotus blossom. This Chinese New Years’ Card is a perfect selection as in Chinese Tradition the Koi fish symbolizes perseverance in adversity and strength of purpose. Other documentation states this design means worldly ambition and achievement, bravery and wealth. In the “Greeting Card Industry” this symbolism means the sender is wishing someone Prosperity and Good Luck in the coming year.

Using the Happy New Year Cards Template

This Happy New Year cards template is A9 sized and works with Avery 3251, 3265, 3378 and 8316.

Be sure to include a perfectly matched envelope to compliment the fold down card. There are also themed labels to match the theme of your Happy New Year cards to add a professional touch. Your personalized, custom designed Happy New Year cards can be ready to copy in minutes. Impress co-workers and family members with lovely Happy New Year cards or invitations to start the year off right. Have a prosperous and Happy New Year!

Download: Happy New Year Cards

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