Happy New Year Banner


With all the excitement of Thanksgiving and Christmas, the new year is just around the corner and it’s time to start it off with a bang. What better way to celebrate than hosting a spectacular countdown party? A New Year’s party just isn’t complete without an appropriate banner. There is an excellent Happy New Year Banner available to download using Microsoft Publisher.

The banner displays the words “Happy New Year” in bold black letters against a decorative light blue background with a martini glass on each end. The file size is 90KB. Once downloaded, the template can be customized to your taste. The Happy New Year Banner can be downloaded directly from our page and is user friendly to Microsoft Publisher users.

How to Use the Happy New Year Banner

  • Download the banner. The first step to getting your attractive banner is to download it from our page. Just click the download button and the process should begin immediately. If the download doesn’t start within a few seconds, you may need to press the download button again. Shortly thereafter, a dialog box will appear.
  • Save the banner. When the dialog box appears, click the radio button for the Save File option. You will then have the option to save the file to the default or preferred location of choice on your computer.
  • Open the banner. Third, you will navigate to the location you previously saved the banner using the default program, Microsoft Publisher.
  • Customize the banner. (if needed) The final step is to customize the banner the way you want it. If you choose, you can redesign the entire banner including font color and size, background pictures and overall design color.

Additional Information and Tips for Using the Happy New Year Banner

  • If you are editing the Happy New Year Banner, make sure to click on the individual item you would like to change. The pictures, letters and background are separated into individual panel-like pieces and will need to be changed one at a time.
  • Once all editing has been completed, you should rename the banner and save it to your computer.
  • This banner works with Microsoft Publisher 2007 and later.

This beautiful Happy New Year Banner is the perfect decoration for your holiday party. It is sure to fit the décor for any room with the decorative designs to help bring in the New Year. Downloading and printing the banner is easy and you may even want to design multiple banners which will be a hit at any party.

Download: Happy New Year Banner