Halloween Invite Template

Halloween Invite Template

Fun, festive, and professional-looking invitation cards are your spooky ticket to setting the right atmosphere this year with the free Halloween Invite Template. The free document is a fully-customizable Halloween Invite Template sheet that allows you to create your own Halloween party invitation cards this year. The free template file is available to anyone looking to get into the holiday spirit the right way. You’ll receive a custom graphic to start with and the guide provided below will take you the rest of the way. Give this template a try this holiday season!

Halloween Invite Template Instruction

The document is a Word file that comes stock with a spooky design, you only need to change a few items to get started, to download the free sheet, just follow the link provided at the bottom of this page and you will be well on your way to the spookiest holiday season you’ve ever had.

Take a look at the setup of the document. It’s already great, but let’s change a few things to really make it your own.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the date if your party does not already fall on October 31st. You will change the date by highlighting the text and writing in the new information. You will do the same for the address and contact information as well.

You can also list RSVP information at the very bottom of the template as well. Feel free to import your own photos of stickers into the picture or move the text to another place. You have the opportunity to really make this Halloween Invite Template your own this year.

When you finish entering your information into the template, scroll to the top and select “File” the “print” to print as many copies of the invitation as you need.

Download: Halloween Invite