Halloween Costume Party Invitations

Halloween Costume Party Invitations

Halloween can be a very fun time of year, from carving pumpkins to going on hay rides or attending festivals with elaborate displays of pumpkins and live music. Whether it be a child’s party, a masquerade ball or a school event, the need often arises to create an effective invitation that reflects well the intent and purpose of a Halloween party. It is good to go beyond buying the pre-made ones and to spare the expense of privately, professionally printed ones by making your own invitations that are professional quality and can be printed easily with your home printer. The Halloween Costume Party Invitations template is a great solution, allowing you to make effective, appealing, and fun invitations for this special day of the year.

Using the Halloween Costume Party Invitations Template

This Halloween Costume Party Invitations template is spooky, in a fun way, featuring a silhouette haunted house on the cover, with the words, “You’re Invited” on it. The ellipsis just beckons the invitee in to see what all the fuss is about. The template prints on a single sheet, 8.5 by 11″ and then folds easily and professionally along a crease to 4.25 by 5.5″. This is a standard A2 size, and adheres to postal requirements for a standard letter.

The Halloween Costume Party Invitations template is fun and easy to use by downloading it on this page. Downloading takes up little space, so it can be easily stored on your computer or flash disk. Also, the Halloween Costume Party Invitations template is free. You can also customize the invitation using this particular template, so it is a great addition to your party planning activities.

Halloween Costume Party Invitations have plenty of room inside to insert a picture or sketch something to make the party invite more exciting to receive in the mail. These days, getting postal mail for pleasure is less common due to e-mail cards, so it’s a way to make a person’s day. Invitations like these can’t be beat. This year, make Halloween even more memorable with hand-made invitations and watch the acceptances pour in. Now you just need a costume.

Download: Halloween Costume Party Invitations