Group Weight Loss Tracker


Screenshot of the Group Weight Loss Tracker

If you and your loved ones have decided to diet there is a Microsoft Excel template that will help you keep track of the weight that is lost. The Group Weight Loss Tracker available for free on this page and easy to use. You can also customize it to your liking.

How to Use the Group Weight Loss Tracker

Using the Group Weight Loss Template is very simple. The first step is to change the name of the month to the month you are looking to use it for. You do this by double-clicking in the field and editing it. The next step is to change the names in the template to the names of the people who are participating.

The starting weight is the next bit of information to input followed by the goal weight in which you wish to hit. The information for your maximum weight, minimum weight, the lost %, average weight, pounds left until goal, and the total weight lost all fill in themselves as you progress though the month.

There is a spot for you to put your weight every day of the month. Just enter the information as the month goes on and you will see all the data above auto-fill and help you keep track of all the important information.

Tips for Using the Group Weight Loss Tracker

This Group Weight Loss tracker Excel template is easy to customize to for bigger groups. Simply copy columns H through L and paste them into columns N through R. Fill in the new information for the other participant and you are ready to track a third. When you have completed the information, you should save the file under a different name so you can reuse the template again for another month of dieting.

Saving the separate months will help you keep track of long-term dieting. You could also send this file through e-mail to others that are participating and have them fill their information out themselves.

If you and people you know have decided to do a group diet and keep track of everyone’s results together, the Group Weight Loss Tracker is a great idea to make the tracking of the information easier. Enter your information, add new participants, and watch all of your results with this simple and easy to use Group Weight Loss Tracker available here for download.

Download: Group Weight Loss Tracker

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